Friday, March 18, 2011

List 18: Road Trip must haves

Oops, I've gotten a bit behind on the list making. So I'm thinking road trip implies driving. I don't take a lot of long road trips, I usually fly. But there is usually at least one annual trip on I-70 from Denver to Topeka (8 glorious hours provided weather is cooperating).
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1. Knitting. Assuming I'm not the one driving
2. CDs. I know, I'm antiquated but I don't have a way to play the iPod in the car. Sometimes I even make a mix CD!
3. Bottles of soda (usually Diet Dr. Pepper) and water. Must stay hydrated.
4. Book on CD. If I'm driving by myself this is a must have. However, I learned it's not a good idea to listen to anything by Stephen King while driving alone at night across Kansas.
5. Sunflower seeds.

Of course this is what I usually do on road trips (again, assuming I'm not driving)
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