Friday, April 17, 2009

A splash of color

As I work through my pictures from sock camp 2009 (from Blue Moon Fiber Arts) I though I would first post some more of my color study pictures that I took at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

The market is certainly a "colorful" place.

All the flowers and fruit stands were loaded with color.

I also snapped a picture of the crabs since that was going to be our camp mascot.

At camp all this focus on color paid off when we got to dye our very own yarn!

Here is Tina explaining the dying process to us:

And here is one of mine all wrapped up and ready to steam:

Drying on the rack:

These are my final 3! Love them. (this picture of mine is a little blurry but I figure at least I'll get something posted and try to take a better snapshot later.)

Warning: this process can be highly addictive. I'm now looking around the house for a good place to set up my dying station. :)