Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today was a beautiful day. I wanted to be outside but my to do list said I needed to work on photographing my stash and adding it to Ravlery. I needed to work on this because I realize I have a LOT of yarn and it's taking over the guest room (see photo) and since I'm going to Sock Summit in August I wanted to be sure I knew what I had.
Hey, at least my stash isn't THIS big.
But I really wanted to go outside. Then I had an idea...I'll take my yarn lovelies outside for a photo shoot! The light in the house is usually pretty crummy at capturing the true colors anyway. Excellent idea. However, the back patio was very overgrown and dirty so I had to get the broom and sweep. And then chop down all the weeds growing in the cracks. And since I had the broom I just kept sweeping the deck and the sidewalk and then chopping down more weeds, etc. Finally I realized that while I was doing a fine job cleaning the back yard I wasn't getting any yarn photographed. So quick as a squirrel, I grabbed some yarn from the massive pile and started snapping.

Look, it does grown on trees!

That's just a few of what seemed like millions of skeins I cataloged. But guess what, I'm not even close to done...and it's 6pm and I probably should get things ready for work tomorrow. Not to mention my light is gone and it's starting to rain. Oh well, there's always next week.