Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

I can NOT believe it's 2010? Where is my flying car? Where is my paperless society? Okay, I'll admit we do have some pretty cool stuff cell phones with texting and sending pictures and surfing the web. I just saw an ad last night for a projector cell phone (but it's still not a flying car).

So, New Year's you have some? I've got a few. One is to blog on a regular basis. I compose all these awesome blog posts in my head but for some reason I never get them typed up and posted. For example, I have neglected to introduce you to our second kitty, Rtu. (it's short for Rahry two since she looks like our previous cat who passed away in May 09). Rtu certainly does her best to live up to her name and is extremely chatty! Here she is perched on hubby's shoulder.

And here she is giving me a kiss.

Speaking of meowing, she is doing that now. I think she wants some breakfast or something. Crazy cat.

In upcoming posts I'll be talking about my UFO problem (and with the help of some friends and the UFOsmackdown on twitter I may get it under control this year). And maybe I'll dust off some of those draft posts and let you know about stuff from years ago.

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone! I'm hoping for a super great 2010.

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knittinggolfer said...

happy new year! do we need a blogsmackdown? haha