Sunday, January 3, 2010

The cats are not helping

I realized I hadn't been very specific with a lot of my New Year's Resolutions. Saying things like "I will blog more" wasn't very helpful so I have revised it to say "I will blog at least every third day, possibly more but not less".

I also wasn't very specific about what I was going to do with my UFOs. The first step is going to be to seriously count them. I think I have 18 in Ravelry but I know there are more of the little monsters hiding upstairs that never even made it to the Ravelry project page. Once I get a handle on how many I have, I think I'll be able to make a real "resolution". But, in the spirit of things I went to my LYS on Saturday for a UFO breakfast and ended up staying the whole day to work on one of my missing 6 squares for the 20 month Afghan I have been working on since May 2008. And I'm happy to report I finished the December square this morning. Here are the squares so far:

That white thing in the bottom right hand corner is the pattern for some of the squares, not some freakish white square (in case you thought I had lost my mind). The nice thing about this UFO project is I have a real deadline...Feb. 7th. That's the day we are all going to get together to sew it together and make a border. So I have 5 squares left, plus tucking in ends, stitching on the trees, little sweater (which still needs it's stupid little sleeves) and any final blocking.

I really thought during these 4 days off I would get a lot more accomplished but alas, I am far too optimistic. I realize I frequently underestimate how long it will take to do things. Something I think will take an hour ends up taking 4 hours and puts me behind schedule. I've got to get better at that.

But I did manage to buy my plane ticket to Madrona this morning! Excellent price on Southwest so I don't have to worry about paying extra to check my bags! Yipee! Maybe I can start thinking about which projects to pack...hmmmmmm.


knittinggolfer said...

Awesome afghan!!! you can do it!! i thought you were planning another trip! lucky duck!

samro said...

Yay for UFO smackdown! Can't wait to see you in Feb.

cockeyed said...

holy crap! can't wait to see you at Madrona! Yay!!!