Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My new helper

We adopted a new kitty on Sunday. Actually we adopted 2 (from the Denver Dumb Friends League) but first I wanted to introduce Simba. He is 2 and a half years old and was relinquished by his owner (not sure why). We got to bring him home first since the other kitty (Rtu) had to stay overnight to be spayed.

Simba likes to climb...a lot! He especially likes the precarious positions among the junk on my desk. And I have photographic evidence.

So I say "Simba, get down from there"

When I tell him he is a naughty kitty for climbing on my desk this is the look he gives me:

How can ya be mad at that face?

He also really likes it on my shoulder or my back which makes it somewhat difficult to type. I'm hoping he might help me write my dissertation, what do you think?

So far neither kitty has shown much interest in yarn so that's a definite plus! Next time I'll introduce you to Rtu.

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Sam said...

Looks like you have your hands full!