Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Denver Comic Con 2015

Year number four of the Denver Comic Con continued their tradition of being bigger and better than the year before. While we didn't attend the first year we have been there every year since and this year things were certainly bigger! The exhibit hall was expanded with more vendors and more food (although convention center food always leaves something to be desired) and more room for attendees to walk around in the autograph area.

Even though there was a good deal of waiting around I didn't get as much knitting done as I would like. I had just started That Nice Stitch cowl with some lovely Purple Velvet Wollmeise Blend so I brought that along. Although it's not a complicated pattern there is a little keeping track of which row so I wasn't able to plow along as quickly as I had hoped.

At least there was time for this:
Some day I will come up with a good Comic Con cosplay but for now I'm happy to just sit on the throne with my knitting.

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