Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas tree 2010

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving we head up to the mountains to cut our own Christmas tree. We go to Buffalo Creek and find a tall tree. Lucky for us we have a 20ft ceiling in our living room. This year our nephews from Kansas came with us.
Our quest for a perfect tree is kind of like this one (except it wasn't nearly this cold and there wasn't any snow).

Here's Cody contemplating the task ahead.

And here is our tree!

Jesse helped saw it down.

Now to carry it back to the car.

Make sure it's secure, Uncle Josh!

You can see I was a big help.

Josh's dad was there with hot cocoa and cookies! Yum!

Grandma and the boys posed for a picture.

And here's the tree (kind of small picture so I'll post a bigger one soon).
Xmas tree finally up. a bit tall this year but we like it on Twitpic


dianne said...

So fun that your nephews went with you to get a tree! I love the movie Christmas vacation, and it takes on a whole new level of fun now that my baby sister's married name will be Griswold :-)

J. Kwiatkowski said...

I can almost smell the pine trees!