Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Knitting haiku

Who doesn't love a good haiku? And when The Yarn Harlot asks for some knitting haiku, who am I to back away from a challenge? I suppose all my finger tapping on the desk (while not so silently saying the words) attracted some coworkers attention.

Coworker: What are you doing?
Me: Trying to write a haiku.
Coworker: Um, why?
Me (silently in my head): Um, I'm sure it's not so I can post it on a knitting blog while I'm supposed to be working. (outloud) Um, I don't know.
Coworker: (rolls eyes and slowly backs out of my office)

But it earned me a mention on Stephanie's blog (even if she did spell my name wrong, probably stupid spell check).

On another knitting note I was happy to be able to combine a work trip with a knitting adventure. I'm here in San Antonio, TX for a convention (American Evaluation Association) and my very good friend Stormy (whom I first met at Blue Moon Fiber's Sock Camp in 2008) just happend to have moved here earlier this year. And guess what's this weekend? The Kid N’ Ewe and Lamas Too fiber festival! And a fun Ravelry event at the Knitting Nest in Austin.

So a week of evaluation fun (hey, it is fun to me) combined with visiting a friend and hitting some fiber events. What more could a girl want?

p.s. did I mention it's about 75-80 degrees here and they have snow in Denver?

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