Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Breakfast in Phoenix

My first morning in Phoenix (here for this conference) I checked the web for some place yummy for breakfast that might be out of the convention traffic. I scored an awesome place, Matt's BIG Breakfast! A quick 10 minute walk from my hotel and I was there feasting on the Hog and Chick with bacon and home fries. Heart attack on a plate my friends but worth every bite. The bacon was a great peppery treat and the home fries were swimming in butter and sautéed onions. Heaven! And hey, I did walk down there. The place was PACKED at 6:45am (they open at 6:30) and by the time I left at 7:15 there were few places to sit. I highly recommend checking out Matt's if you're ever in the downtown Phoenix area...but you might want to park a few miles away and walk there to burn off the massive calories you will consume!

Okay, guess I'll head to the sessions now.

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