Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday First day of Spring

Hurray for the first day of spring! While I love winter and the snow I'm always happy for the return of green things and warmer days. Of course Colorado can be temperamental with the weather and I hear there is snow in the forecast for the weekend but I'm going to ignore that right now.

Currently I am working on Anne Hanson's Longshadows scarf. This was a pattern from her Fall in Full Color 2011 club. I am actually doing two at a time so it's a little slow going. It's not a terribly complicated pattern but I do have to pay attention. It's Anne Hanson lace after all. I decided to set it out on the counter so every time I pass it I can bang out a row or two. Gonna get these finished!

Also on the needles is the latest in Woolgirl's Poet's club, Root and Bud hat. I finished the cowl and loved the yarn so much I ordered more so I could do the hat. It is going pretty quick.

And tonight at knit night I will probably work on stitching up the elephant.

What are you working on?


mep said...

Looking good Mya! I still haven't budged on the lace shrug that I started months ago!

Going to take a little alpaca scarf on the plane to CA so that I accomplish something in all of those airports...

mep said...

Looking great girl!
I still haven't budged on my lace shrug I started months ago.