Friday, December 2, 2011

If you like it then you should have put a hat on it!

How long have I been knitting? (since 2001 but who's counting) And every Christmas I would get all crazy town trying to finish up socks and scarves and sweaters and blankets and fall miserably behind and either have to rush out to the stores for last minute gifts to replace the unfinished knitting or wrap an unfinished object and take it back after they unwrapped it to work on it until January or February or.... But this year I have found the answer. Hats! I have cranked out 3 of these bad boys and it's only December 2nd! (below are Ravelry links to the patterns, sorry if you're not on Ravelry - you should be!)

1. Fish Hat done in Nemo colors. It still needs eyes so I have to figure out how I'm going to do that.

2. Anemone hat by the fabulous Cat Bordhi (this was was so freaking quick I am tempted to make more)

3. The lovely baby hat from the One Skein book. It was awesome and quick and looks super cute.

I'll be posting pictures of the actual recipients wearing MY knitted version after Christmas.

The other really exciting thing is I have been able to use stash yarn for these hats! Double bonus!

Just cast on the Swirled Ski Cap which is going super fast as well. Probably will finish it up this weekend.

And today I see my pal Carrie, aka Irish Girlie Knits has her awesome Snowboarder Hat pattern on sale for only $3! Guess what I'm casting on next?

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