Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I've done in the last 2 months (besides blogging)

Wow! Here I was with this great New Year's Resolution to blog more and I was doing pretty good and then bam...two months without a peep. In my defense, I've been kind of busy. Doing what you say? So glad you asked...
We had Easter brunch with the in-laws at Mimi's Cafe (not my favorite place but if you are hankerin' for some carbs this is your place).

My sister April, my nephew Garrett, Josh and I went to the Body World's exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It is so amazing to see all that stuff that usually tucked away under your skin. I've got to say, skin is an awesome cover because if I had to see some of that stuff every day I think I'd barf.
Just to prove how insane we are, Josh and I headed to Disneyland AGAIN on April 10th and 11th.

We couldn't help it...Southwest Airlines had such a great deal it would have been a shame to pass it up. And we have to use those annual passes, don't we?

A mere 3 days later I was on a plane to Seattle for Blue Moon Fiber Art's annual Sock camp!

Here I am with my little swatch from Anne Hanson's class.
This was my third year as a camper and I can not tell you how much fun it is. Well, I could try but that would take up a lot of space and honestly, I am just trying to get caught up here. Suffice to say it is the most awesome of awesome events and I look forward to it every year.
Having fun in dye class with @stormyautumnh ! on Twitpic
I got back from camp and put in a few days work (got to pay for these trips somehow) only to head off to New York City late in the evening of 4/23.
We wanted to see the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA and this was the LAST weekend. At Tim Burton exhibit...very cool stuff! on Twitpic Hubby wrote a great synopsis of our super quick trip so I'm going to cut and paste here:
NYC Part 1 So. We left the hotel yesterday morning at 7 am. Went to Flushing Meadows and the World's Fairgrounds of 1939 and 1964 (sort of a MIB thing), went back to the #7 and took it to Grand Central Station. Then went to the NYC Library Lion at the library. on Twitpicand up 6th Ave to the NHL store, Radio City Music Hall, and eventually the MoMA. Waited there before being let in to see the Tim Burton exhibit.

NYC Part 2 Two hours later got out of the MoMA. Went FAO Schwartz, then the subway up to 86th to check out a bench at Central Park across from the Guggenheim. Looked at the lobby of the Guggenheim and went back down to Grand Central Station. Went over to 6th Ave and walked the other direction down sixth and caught a subway to the Brooklyn Bridge. (he forgot the part where I went into three, count em, three different bead stores to feed my new habit, beads in knitting thanks to a class by the fabulous Sivia Harding.

NYC Part 3 Walked over the Brooklyn Bridge
Getting my #aprilsmackdown pts Brooklyn style! on Twitpic
to Grimaldi’s. Grimaldi’s line was too long, went to Ignazio’s Pizza and it was just as good. Took the F to 14th and walked west to check out the High Line Park. When finished there went back to the subway and headed back to the hotel. Arrived back at the hotel at 8:30 pm. Did we do enough?

Headed out on a plane at 6am Sunday morning to arrive home around 10am after a plane change in Chicago. Whew, I thought, at least I can head back to work on Monday for some relaxation. Oops, no such luck, I had jury duty on Monday. But I thought since I was dismissed so quickly the last time I was called I would get out early and maybe have some time to get some things done with my Monday afternoon. How wrong I was. After waiting around until 11:30am (and you can't take knitting needles in the courthouse, WTF?) I was called as juror #9 to come sit in the jury box/courtroom with 70 other potential jurors and be questioned by the attorneys. After a break for lunch it was back to the courtroom for jury selection (and I couldn't even read at this point). Lots of questions, lot of potential jurors dismissed and still I sat there. Ever hopeful I thought, I'm sure I'll get dismissed, I'm sure I'll get dismissed. At 4:45pm I was still sitting in the jury box, the rest of the courtroom had emptied out and I heard the judge say "ladies and gentlemen we have selected our jury". Crap! I'm still in the jury box! And did I mention it was for a trial predicted to last 2 weeks. Stunned and silent 14 of us (12 jurors and 2 alternates) were shown the jury room and given instructions for reporting the next morning. I was on jury duty from 4/26 - 5/6. I am so thankful my job paid me for those days (although I did have to sign over my $50 a day from the court...dang that would have got me some nice yarn.)

Although the process of being a juror was interesting, the case was miserable. I won't go into it here but I'll just say I had to see things and hear things I will NEVER be able to get out of my head. Here's a quick blurb in the Denver Post as well as a link to his appeal trial that was what earned him this trial. He should have went with the first decision of guilty of 14 out of 18 counts because we found him guilty of all 28 counts. I really hope this sick SOB never sees the light of day again.

Let's move on, shall we? So, back to work for a week and a half then off to the Sanguine Gryphon's dying camp (that's a Ravely link) where we will learn 5 different techniques of yarn dyeing with acid dyes, play with dying the yarn, take a knitting and a spinning class (although I'm skipping the spinning class...I'm NOT going to spin! I'm just not going to do it!).

Oh oh, it's almost time for bed and I've got work in the morning then off to the airport. I guess I better go pack!


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Have an absolutely fabulous time at dye camp!! Thanks for catching us up and keep blogging!!!

tapmouse said...

Great catching up with what all you've been up to! Following your whereabouts via Twitter was pretty tough! The trial sounds absolutely sucky and I see what you mean. The dye class sound devine! Enjoy and can't wait to hear about it!