Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring green

I'm going to sock camp in just four short days!!! In addition to packing I have to work on my homework.

One of our homework "assignments" is to do a week long color journal where we take note of the colors we see in our lives, in our homes, nature, etc. Being the total slacker that I am I'm just now getting around to starting my color journal. So here's entry number one: the lovely spring green of my allium plant before it shoots up its stalks of purple bulb flowers. Did you know the Allium is actually in the onion family? Strange but true. Who knew an onion could make such a pretty flower?

I don't have a fabulous camera so it doesn't do justice to the bright green of these leaves but you get the idea...

Of course there is the funny story about me and alliums when I was a little girl but I don't think I'll go into that right now.

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