Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not knitting, but...

I just have to share this listing my sister found on Craig's List (or as my dad calls it "Greg's list"). Check out the mermaid table for sale. I have a couple of thoughts about this:
1. If you bought it for your home in Florida, why didn't you sell it there? Why did you bring it all the way to Colorado and then try to sell it?
2. You paid how much?!?!??!?!? And you are asking how much?!?!?!?
3. I keep getting images of having a party and someone gets drunk and starts making out with the table. Party guests will come up to you and say "dude, someone is making out with your table again".
4. When the drunk person passes out under the table and wakes up in the morning to stare into that frightening, bronze mermaid face I can only imagine the horrified screams that will ensue.

I thought I should put the pictures here since the link will eventually not work.