Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The meaning of time

On Saturday I had to take my car in for a routine oil change. When we bought the car 2 years ago we purchased the lifetime oil change option. This is a good thing since I've noticed the price of the oil change has gone up each time I take it in over the last 2 years. The downside is we have to take it to one place, Burt Automotive. It's not a bad place mind you, in fact, the staff there are quite nice. The problem is they are always very apologetic about any wait time there may be on your car repair. Here's what always happens: I walk in, they say can I help you, and I say I'm here for an oil change. They look all dejected and say "It's going to be about an hour and a half". That's fine, I tell them (because, of course, I've got my knitting with me). They kind of look at me as if they don't quite believe me and then take my information. I feel kind of sorry for them because they must get yelled at a lot over time issues.

While I was there this Saturday (5/31) several people walked in and they got the same speech "it's going to be about an hour and a half" and those people got irritated and left. I'm thinking, hey, an hour and a half where I am forced to just sit here? Okay! Sign me up! Here I am!

When they called my name after a mere 50 minutes I said "I thought you guys said an hour and a half". The poor guy looked like he was going to cry and started stammering something about how the time can vary depending on the work, etc. I interrupted him to say I was only joking! Whew, when I think my job is frustrating I just think about these poor guys dealing with people yelling at them about time. Maybe someone should set up a yarn shop in the store and people can learn how to knit.

Oh yeah, I got half of one sleeve done on this little Berroco sweater. I probably could have got the whole sleeve done if it would have taken a full hour and a half.

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SockStar said...

You know, I get a good bit of my knitting done while waiting at doctor's offices. Knitting in waiting rooms is so relaxing, there is nothing else that you think you should be doing, and no one to bother you.
Can camp come back too soon? Knitting all day long!