Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Alpaca Sunday

I decided to go to the Great Western Alpaca Show that was in town over the weekend.

Aren't they such cute little guys? (ok, some aren't so little).

I saw furry alpacas, small alpacas, and.......

NAKED alpacas! These poor little guys just got sheared. Actually, it was pretty warm in there so they might have been happier to be in the buff. Aren't their eyes HUGE when they don't have all that wool around them?

There were alpacas everywhere! Even performing alpacas.

Well, these guys were being judged but there were other alpacas who were running obstacle courses and doing crazy alpaca tricks for their young owners. Kind of like a 4-H event.

I also learned that there are two different kinds of alpacas: Huacayas and Suris. Here are the Suris. (The Huacayas are the ones in the above pictures)

Then I decided I needed to learn more about the alpacas. Here's a good website with some FAQs about alpacas.

I keep trying to talk my husband into buying one but he thinks that's a bad idea. I think if I had an alpaca think of what I would save in yarn! I could make my own. Just a thought.

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