Sunday, April 6, 2008

Flashback blogging

Well it appears that finding time to blog is just as difficult as finding time to work on my dissertation. So I'll be doing blog posts in a bit of a flashback manner (similar to the flashbacks in Lost but not quite as cryptic).

So, I'll start with a recent flashback - my evening at the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch waiting for and then listening to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I got the the store around 4pm and there were already 20+ people in line. I'm not sure if the staff at TC were surprised by this but they seemed accommodating as they started to snake the queue around the various areas in the store. By the time line numbers were handed out at 6:30pm there was a lot of folks in line (all working on their various knitting projects, of course). I was working on my fan kimono from Vicki Square's "Knit Kimono" book. I found a woman later who was working on the Komon pattern from the same book - Fabulous! After I got my line number (26!) I put my bag down on a chair in the 5th row and headed outside and around the corner to String. I hadn't been to this shop yet and it was quite lovely with all the yarn arranged by color. The owner was giving us all a discount for the event and she even gave away yarn in a raffle before Stephanie talked!

At 7:30 I was back in my chair (and I didn't buy any yarn at the store-I know that's a shock). The TC employee introduced Stephanie.

Stephanie's talk was quite funny (as usual). After she was done, I got in line to get my book signed. I probably shouldn't have tried to keep working on my kimono while standing in line but I did and of course I fudged up a couple of rows (I think I've got them fixed now). When I finally I got up to have my book signed all the witty things I had thought to say all escaped me. But I babbled something about going to sock camp next week where I would see her and she mentioned that she had head about the pre-camp yarn crawl and thought that sounded interesting. And then I tried to take a picture of her and snapped it while she was talking. Sorry Stephanie.

Overall I think it was a very enjoyable evening and I was able to get out of there by 9:20 or so. I don't know how long it took for everyone to get their books signed but judging from the size of the crowd I would imagine it was quite a while.

By the way, I'm in one of Stephanie's pictures on her blog about the event. I'm in the second picture, fifth row back on the inside aisle. My tiny head is peaking out as I'm knitting and smiling. I was sitting next to two lovely ladies (of course I forgot their names) who had made the trip from Wyoming! Knitters are always up for road trips.

Speaking of trips, in my next post I'll give you the scoop on the six yarn stores I visited during my recent trip to NYC. And then if I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll post about my trip to the Great American Knit out at the Mall of America in February. So much to post, so little time...


Miss Lu said...

Hurray! It was such a fun night and it was great to meet you in person. =) We should go on a yarn crawl next time I'm in the area. Thanks for a great time.

Yarn Thing said...

I swear, you look so familiar to me. I wanted to say hello to you all night but thought you might think I was an idiot. I was in front of you at the harlot. In that picture you talked about I was the one in the white shirt and the black sweater in the second row. I am also the won who couldn't find the ticket for the prize I won (I did find it later at dinner! lol)

Anyway, I saw your post on Ravlery and thought I would drop over here and say hello!


Bead Babe said...

I'm working on the Fan Kimono and am wondering about the cast on of 93 stitches. that leaves 2 orphan stitches on one end and 1 orphan on the other. It appears that it is not a mistake, yet I wonder if maybe I should be casting on 94 so I have 2 selvage stitches on each side. Did you figure this out? (It may become obvious as I work, but sure would like to know if you could offer any enlightenment on the issue.)

You can email me at